Moroccan Juniper Wood Boxes & Other Items

This very dense type of Juniper is referenced in the Bible as being a precious wood & was sought after by Kings for its distinctive fragrance & beauty with random knotty burls resembling birds eyes along with variable swirl patterns.

Sm.Mushroom Box $14.95 Md.Mushroom Box $19.95 Lg.Mushroom $34.95
Small Mushroom Box   $14.95               Medium Mushroom Box   $19.95                Large Mushroom Box    $34.95
PWP548 Lg. Sphere Box
Large Spherical Box   18″ Diameter    $69.95
Pencil Cup $29.95 & Letter Opener $7.95
Pencil Cup  $29.95 SOLD OUT              Letter Opener  $7.95
Business Card holder
Business Card Holder   $19.95   SOLD OUT
Button Box $24.95 Small Box $34.95 Round Box $17.95
Button Box $24.95 SOLD OUT                    Small Box $34.95 SOLD OUT                   Round Box $17.95















Large Bowl
Large Bowl    Diameter 34″     $119
PWP517 Md. Rect. Box
Medium Rectangle Box     8L x 4.5W x 1″D        $54.95